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Pensions Act 2011

Government Bill

Originated in the House of Lords, Session 2010-12

Last updated: 10 November 2011 at 15:24

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Long title

A Bill to make provision relating to pensions; and for connected purposes.


The four parts of the Bill include a range of measures related to pension provision.

Key areas

  • Accelerates the existing timetable for increasing the State Pension age to 66
  • Amends the legislative framework requiring employers to automatically enrol employees into a qualifying pension system and to make contributions to that scheme
  • Amends legislation providing for the indexation and revaluation of occupational pensions and payments from the Pension Protection Fund
  • Allows contributions to be taken towards the cost of providing personal pension benefits to members of Judicial Pension Schemes.

Sponsoring departments

Department for Work and Pensions
Lord Freud
Conservative, Life peer
Department for Work and Pensions
Mr Iain Duncan Smith
Conservative, Chingford and Woodford Green

Current version of the Bill

Pensions Act 2011 c.19
14 November 2011

Bill passage

Bill started in the House of Lords
1st reading
2nd reading
Committee stage
Report stage
3rd reading
Bill in the House of Commons
1st reading
2nd reading
Committee stage
Report stage
3rd reading
Final stages
Consideration of amendments
Royal Assent
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