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Energy Act 2011

Government Bill

Originated in the House of Lords, Session 2010-12

Last updated: 10 November 2011 at 11:55

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Long title

A Bill to make provision for the arrangement and financing of energy efficiency improvements to be made to properties by owners and occupiers; about the energy efficiency of properties in the private rented sector; about the promotion by energy companies of reductions in carbon emissions and home-heating costs; about information relating to energy consumption, efficiency and tariffs; for increasing the security of energy supplies; about access to upstream petroleum infrastructure; about a special administration regime for energy supply companies; about designations under the Continental Shelf Act 1964; about licence modifications relating to offshore transmission and distribution of electricity; about the decommissioning of nuclear sites; about the powers of the Coal Authority; for the repeal of measures relating to home energy efficiency; and for connected purposes.


The flagship policy in the Bill is the 'Green Deal', a scheme whereby householders, private landlords and businesses would be given finance upfront to make energy efficiency improvements, which would then be paid for by energy bill savings. It also introduces a range of other provisions.

Key areas

  • establishes a new obligation on energy companies to help certain groups of consumers, who need extra support, with saving energy
  • facilitates the roll-out of smart meters
  • widens access to energy performance certificates
  • makes information on energy bills clearer
  • introduces measures designed to help improve energy security and to encourage low carbon generation
  • grants additional powers to the Coal Authority to charge for certain services.

Sponsoring departments

Department of Energy and Climate Change
Lord Marland
Conservative, Life peer
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Chris Huhne
Liberal Democrat, Eastleigh

Current version of the Bill

Energy Act 2011 c.16
19 October 2011

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