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Policing and Crime

Government Bill

Originated in the House of Commons, Session 2008-09

Last updated: 18 January 2010 at 12:48

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Long title

Make provision about the police; to make provision about prostitution, sex offenders, sex establishments and certain other premises; to make provision for reducing and dealing with the abuse of alcohol; to make provision about the proceeds of crime; to make provision about extradition; to amend the Aviation Security Act 1982; to make provision about criminal records and to amend the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006; to confer, extend or facilitate search, forfeiture and other powers relating to the United Kingdom’s borders or elsewhere; to make further provision for combatting crime and disorder; to repeal redundant provisions; and for connected purposes.


This Bill draws together a number of disparate policy issues on policing and crime.Key areas
  • Introduces new provisions to improve police accountability and effectiveness (although the Government’s plans for directly elected police authorities, which provoked some controversy, have not been included in the Bill)
  • Creates a new offence of paying for sex with someone who is controlled for gain and introduces new powers to close brothels
  • Modifies the law on soliciting
  • Tightens up the regulation of lap-dancing clubs by reclassifying them as ‘sex establishments’ rather than ‘entertainment’ venues
  • Amends police powers to deal with young people drinking in public
  • Introduces a new mandatory code of practice for alcohol sales
  • Amends the criminal asset recovery scheme established under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • Changes the arrangements for airport security and policing.

Sponsoring departments

Home Office
Jacqui Smith
Labour, Redditch
Home Office
Lord West of Spithead
Labour, Life peer

Current version of the Bill

20 November 2009

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