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Infrastructure Act 2015

Government Bill

Originated in the House of Lords, Session 2014-15

Last updated: 13 February 2015 at 10:56

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Long title

A Bill to make provision for strategic highways companies and the funding of transport services by land; to make provision for the control of invasive non-native species; to make provision about nationally significant infrastructure projects; to make provision about town and country planning; to make provision about the Homes and Communities Agency and Mayoral development corporations; to make provision about the Greater London Authority so far as it exercises functions for the purposes of housing and regeneration; to make provision about Her Majesty’s Land Registry and local land charges; to make provision enabling building regulations to provide for off-site carbon abatement measures; to make provision for giving members of communities the right to buy stakes in local renewable electricity generation facilities; to make provision about maximising economic recovery of petroleum in the United Kingdom; to provide for a levy to be charged on holders of certain energy licences; to enable Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to exercise functions in connection with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; to make provision about onshore petroleum and geothermal energy; to make provision about renewable heat incentives; and for connected purposes.

Sponsoring departments

Department for Transport
Baroness Kramer
Liberal Democrat, Life peer
Department for Transport
Mr Patrick McLoughlin
Conservative, Derbyshire Dales

Current version of the Bill

Infrastructure Act 2015 c.7
16 February 2015

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