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Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne's amendment, After Clause 148

Health and Care Act 2022

Committee stage

Amendment number: 297G

Lead member

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
Conservative, Life peer


Not moved
The amendment was not moved. The House was not invited to take a decision on it (though it may have been debated with other amendments).

Amendment text

After Clause 148

Insert the following new Clause—
“Sex-specific wards for inpatients
(1) Where a person is an inpatient, that person must be ordinarily treated with respect to accommodation in the hospital by reference to their natal sex.
(2) In particular, accommodation for biological sex women must be used exclusively by natal women.
(3) NHS Trusts must ensure that people who identify as a gender different from their sex registered at birth are offered accommodation equal to those who do not identify with a gender different to their sex registered at birth.
(4) This section applies whether or not the person has a gender recognition certificate.
(5) Within 12 months the Secretary of State must ensure accommodation and facilities are available for the purposes of this section.”


Lord Blencathra
Life peer