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Lord Whitty's amendment, After Clause 72

Environment Act 2021

Committee stage

Amendment number: 152

Lead member

Lord Whitty
Labour, Life peer


The amendment was withdrawn after debate and no decision was taken on it.

Amendment text

After Clause 72

Insert the following new Clause—
“Air quality and human health in rural areas: application of pesticides
(1) The Secretary of State must by regulations make provision prohibiting the application of pesticides for the purposes of agriculture or horticulture near—
(a) buildings used for human habitation, and
(b) public or private buildings and associated open spaces where members of the public may be present, including but not limited to—
(i) schools and childcare nurseries, and
(ii) hospitals and health care facilities.
(2) Regulations under subsection (1) must specify a minimum distance from any of the locations listed under subsection (1) to be maintained during the application of any pesticide.
(3) In determining the distance in subsection (2) the Secretary of State must be guided by the optimum distance that would make a significant difference in air quality for people using the locations listed in subsection (1).
(4) In this section “public building” includes any building used for the purpose of education.
(5) Regulations under this section are subject to the affirmative procedure.”

Member’s explanatory statement

In order to improve air quality and thereby protect human health and the environment in rural areas, this new Clause would require the Secretary of State to make regulations to prohibit the application of chemical pesticides near buildings and open spaces used by residents and members of the public.


Lord Randall of Uxbridge
Life peer
Baroness Finlay of Llandaff
Life peer
Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle
Green Party
Life peer