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Baroness Jones of Whitchurch's amendment In Clause 7 (52)

Environment Act 2021

Committee stage

Lead member

Baroness Jones of Whitchurch
Labour, Life peer


This amendment was withdrawn after debate and no decision was taken on it.

Amendment text

In Clause 7, Page 5, line 11

leave out subsection (4) and insert—

“(4) An environmental improvement plan must include, as a minimum—

(a) measures which, taken together, are likely to achieve any targets set under section 1 or 2 and will ensure that the next interim targets included in the plan are met,

(b) measures that each relevant central government department must carry out,

(c) measures to protect sensitive and vulnerable population groups (including children, older people, people with chronic illnesses and outdoor and transport workers) from the health impacts of pollution,

(d) a timetable for adoption, implementation and review of the chosen measures, and the authorities responsible for their delivery,

(e) an analysis of the options considered and their estimated impact on delivering progress against the relevant targets, and

(f) measures to minimise, or where possible eliminate, the harmful impacts of pollution on human health and the environment.”

Member’s explanatory statement

This amendment strengthens environmental improvement plans by introducing a number of minimum requirements, including (but not limited to) ensuring a link between proposed measures and targets established under this Bill.


Baroness Parminter
Liberal Democrat
Life peer
Lord Krebs
Life peer
Lord Randall of Uxbridge
Life peer