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Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park's amendment After Clause 2 (22)

Environment Act 2021

Committee stage

Lead member

Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park
Conservative, Life peer


This amendment was agreed to. Where a member has opposed a Clause standing part of a Bill, 'agreed' indicates that the Clause was removed from the Bill.

Amendment text

After Clause 2

Insert the following new Clause—

“Environmental targets: species abundance

(1) The Secretary of State must by regulations set a target (the “species abundance target”) in respect of a matter relating to the abundance of species.

(2) The specified date for the species abundance target must be 31 December 2030.

(3) Accordingly, the species abundance target is not a long-term target and the duty in subsection (1) is in addition to (and does not discharge) the duty in section 1(2) to set a long-term target in relation to biodiversity.

(4) Before making regulations under subsection (1) which set or amend a target the Secretary of State must be satisfied that meeting the target, or the amended target, would further the objective of halting a decline in the abundance of species.

(5) Section 1(4) to (9) applies to the species abundance target and to regulations under this section as it applies to targets set under section 1 and to regulations under that section.

(6) In this Part “the species abundance target” means the target set under subsection (1).”

Member’s explanatory statement

This new Clause requires the Secretary of State to set a species abundance target, to be met by 31 December 2030. There are amendments throughout the Bill to ensure that the species abundance target is subject to the same regime as targets set under Clause 1.